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Strong R&D and Technical Capabilities

1. Excellent technology:The technical team is with 10 people, 2 senior engineers with 15 years of working experience in car care industry, and 8 assistant engineers and lab assistants.
2. A variety of new products are developed annually,more than 20 new products were successfully exploited last year.
3. VESLEE company was evaluated “the high and new technology enterprises” by Guangdong Science and Technology Department.
4. Veslee has invested a lot in improving its technical formula every year, and gaining a number of unique environmental friendly product formula, including environmental friendly spray paints and cleaning agents,etc.
5.Veslee has a number of high-precision experimental instruments for R&D and component testing.  Photos that engineers are doing experiments, experimental instruments, and spacious laboratory,etc. are attached.

 Guangzhou Veslee Chemical Science and Technology Co., Ltd

Equipment List:

  • Gas chromatograph: test solvent content

  • Micro melting point apparatus : test Solid melting point

  • PH meter: test PH value

  • moisture meter: test moisture content

  • Abbe refractometer : test refractive index

  • viscosity machine: test viscosity

 Guangzhou Veslee Chemical Science and Technology Co., Ltd

High-end Testing Equipment:

  • Gas chromatograph

  • Moisture meter

  • Centrifugal machine

  • Rotating High viscosity machine

  • Distillatory

  • Photometric detector

  • Equipment for QC

  • Paint film adhesion tester

  • constant temperature bath

  • Constant temperature aging tank

  • Minus 45 degrees Freezing test refrigerator

  • Magnetic Heated Stirrer etc..