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What you should you know about car tires?

Jul. 30, 2022

What  should you know about car tires

What are car tyres? It's equivalent to shoes on your feet. When to change shoes, when to wear them, when to wear them out, or when you don't like them, it's very simple to change shoes. Take them off, throw them away, and put on new ones. Anyone with self-care ability can do it. But tires are different. First, they are expensive. Second, they are not replaceable by ordinary people. Special machines are needed.

Tyres play an important role in all parts of the car. The power of the car needs to be transmitted to the ground through tyres. At the same time, the car tyres should bear the impact of the road on the car when driving, and should always maintain the adhesion between the car and the ground and bear the full weight of the car. Once the tyres have problems, it may cause serious accidents.

When should I change the tire?

First of all, it should be clear that the replacement of tires should meet the technical standards of the original vehicle, and cannot be replaced arbitrarily.

There are several standards for tire replacement

First of all, excessive wear needs to be replaced, and the tire is worn out and needs to be replaced.

We can't help asking, what is the standard of excessive wear and tear? There will be a prompt line in the pattern of automobile tires. If the tire pattern is worn down to the wear mark line, the tire is excessively worn and needs to be replaced.


If the tire is used for a long time, even if it does not reach the wear mark, it should also be replaced. because the aging tire rubber, the grip ability degradation and toughness are insufficient, the tire surface cracks, strength and other indicators have a very large degradation, which is very easy to produce insufficient grip on wet roads, or the tire burst at high speed.


When the car is driving on the road, it is inevitable to encounter some sharp objects and puncture the tire. According to the information of various manufacturers, the manufacturer suggests that if the tire has been repaired for more than three times, it is recommended to replace it. The center of gravity of the tire repaired for many times will change, causing the tire to shake at high speed, local uneven stress will cause heat accumulation, and the repaired place is the repaired place where air leakage occurs again, It also affects driving comfort, and the internal structure of the tire that has been punctured for many times will also be damaged, affecting the strength of the tire. Therefore, the tire that has been repaired for many times needs to be replaced in time.


In addition, the bulge caused by the quality problem of the tire itself, or once the side of the tire is damaged, it must also be replaced.


Maintenance methods and precautions of automobile tires

In fact, if you want to make the tires live longer, besides choosing the tires produced by regular manufacturers, paying attention to later driving habits and necessary maintenance are all ways to prolong the life of tires. Of course, choosing tires is not the more expensive the better. As long as it is a regular manufacturer, the product quality is guaranteed.

Ensuring a normal and reasonable tire pressure is the key to prolong the life of tires. Too high or too low tire pressure will accelerate the wear of tires and cause excessive stretching of tire cords, resulting in tire damage. Each car will mark the standard air pressure of the car in the manual and near the door, and there will be certain differences between different standard air pressures of the car. Therefore, it varies from car to car, and it is the right way to adjust the appropriate pressure of your tires. However, due to different seasons, the tire pressure will also change accordingly. You should adjust your tire pressure according to the temperature. Of course, there are relatively easy methods. Because nitrogen is relatively stable and less affected by temperature, it is also a good choice to fill the tire with nitrogen, but even so, you should check the tire pressure at least once every three months.

Maintaining a good driving habit is the key to the length of tire life. If you want the tire to live long, you need to walk slowly at the start. Intense driving will cause premature wear of the tire. Strong torque will distort the internal structure of the tire and cause irreversible changes. Therefore, start slowly, brake slowly, control the reasonable speed when turning, and do not cross the corner at high speed, so as to prevent lateral cutting between the tire and the hub and damage the tire.

Be extra careful when crossing the deceleration belt, climbing the curb and the shoulder. This action can definitely be called a tire killer. For low flat ratio tires, the tire may burst if the speed is too high and the deceleration belt is slightly higher. Therefore, when crossing the deceleration belt, you should particularly control the speed. If there are no special circumstances, try not to get on the sidewalk teeth. As a matter of fact, it is unavoidable, you should strictly control the speed and do not accelerate to the sidewalk, This is also a mistake made by many novice drivers. Reduce the speed when encountering bad road conditions.

Pay attention to control the speed and the load of the vehicle. Each tire has its maximum bearing speed. Beyond this speed, the tire will produce standing wave phenomenon, causing the tire to burst instantly. Most of the tires currently assembled on ordinary household cars can bear the speed of 160 to 210 kilometers per hour. Overload is definitely one of the tire killers, so don't overload.

Corrosive chemicals are also killers of tires. Therefore, tires should be avoided from contacting harmful chemicals in the use environment to avoid tire corrosion and premature damage.

If possible, you can use tire protector to maintain the tires after washing the car every time, which can delay the aging of the tires and prolong the service life of the tires.

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