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Do you know the Tips for restoring headlights?

Jul. 14, 2022

Do you know the Tips for restoring headlights?

The headlights of the car provide sufficient light for our driving at night. However, the car headlamp cover will inevitably age, yellowing and scratch after long use, which is not only unsightly, but also affects the light transmittance of the headlamp.

Nowadays, I will take a look at the simplest repair technology of car headlights with you.


Precautions for headlights restoration

1. Do not use corrosive chemical reagents such as gasoline to clean the surface of headlights with harmful liquids such as acrylic, PP, PC, PE, ABS, etc

2. Shake the product well before use without adding any solvents or additives; It cannot be used together with any other solvents and additives

3. This product needs to be used with special repair equipment.

4. This product is operated and used by professional construction personnel. It is recommended to construct in a dust-free and well ventilated environment.

Check the headlights

1. Repair scope: various types of headlights made of plexiglass, acrylic PP, PC, PE, ABS, etc

2. Repair type: yellowing, cracking, blurring and scratches on the surface; (Note: it must be ensured that the headlights do not penetrate into the interior, that there are no stains in the headlights, that the plastic corners are complete, and that the headlights are in good condition)

Note: in case of serious scratches, yellowing and cracking of the oxide layer, the effect of repairing the coating needs to be evaluated.

   A. Satisfactory results are achieved after repairing the coating. Generally, the scratch is not penetrated to more than 50% of the thickness of the lamp surface

   B. Identification and observation of the severity of yellowing and cracking oxide layer; the surface of the paint is matte, rough, and many cracks that feel rusty, so it needs to be polished and then coated for restoration

Headlights restoration methods:

First, the simplest and most convenient method:

Replace the headlamp. Compared with other methods, this method is the most convenient and simple, and it is simpler to replace. There is no cumbersome process such as disassembling headlights, but the cost of this method is relatively high. We suggests that if you decide to replace the headlamp assembly, you'd better replace the original accessories. Although it's more expensive, the quality is guaranteed.

Second, a more economical and reliable method:

Replace the headlight cover. Headlamp covers are generally sold online. You can buy them as needed, and then go to the repair shop to replace them. If you have strong hands-on ability, you can also challenge yourself. The process is like this: remove the front bar, remove the headlamp, blow along the edge of the headlamp with a hair dryer, break off the old lampshade, remove glue, apply sealant, close the new lampshade, dry and load However, we suggest going to the repair shop.

Third, the most economical and effective method:

Headlights restoration agent. Auto repair technology is really more and more advanced, and various maintenance tools are emerging in endlessly. There is something called headlight restoration agent on shopping websites. Although there are only a few dozen pieces, after polishing the headlight cover, degreasing and spraying protective agent, the headlights can restore 80% of their previous skills, at least ensuring the brightness of the headlights for a period of time. To save money, try this method.

Veslee Headlights restoration spray



  1. Economical way to maintain your vehicle's visibility on the road.

  2. Removes fine scratches, stains, or haziness from automotiveplastics.

  3. Effective in aiding the removal of light yellowing and hazinessfrom headlight lenses.


First, cover the round of headlight

2.Grind the headlight by 1500cw sandpaper, and grind it againby 2000cw sandpaper.

3.Spray water and wipe the headlight, keep it clean and till itdries completely.

4.Shake it well before use, rub in a circular motion for one timewait 3-5 minutes then rub the second time.

Finally sunshine exposure for 20 minutes or exposure underthe UV light to absorb UV to be solidified.

Do you know the Tips for restoring headlights?

Do you know the Tips for restoring headlights?

Do you know the Tips for restoring headlights?

Let's see how to use the Veslee Headlights Restoration: