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There are many dangers when driving with foggy windows. How should we solve them?

Jun. 28, 2022

There are many dangers when driving with foggy windows. How should we solve them?

Let's teach you how to remove fog quickly.

Window fogging is the most common phenomenon when we drive a vehicle. If the window fogging is not removed in time, it will also bring great danger. In light cases, it will lead to blurred vision, and in serious cases, it will affect driving safety. When facing the fog on the window, how should we solve it? Teach you how to quickly eliminate fog.

一、When it's cloudy and rainy in summer


In the face of annoying fog, I believe that many experienced drivers will have various methods and experiences to deal with it. First, the fastest and easiest way is to turn on the air conditioner. We know that there are two kinds of car air conditioners, one is cold air, and the other is hot air. If you want to remove the fog quickly, you should turn on the cold air in the choice of air conditioner, but the cold air needs to be blown to the front. The reason for this is that the temperature leads to uneven cooling and heating of the glass, Specifically, because the temperature in the car is higher than the outdoor temperature, plus a certain humidity in the car, it will lead to fogging. Using air conditioner to blow the front wind is the simplest way to remove fog. Its biggest feature is convenient and effective.


Another method is to select the internal and external circulation method according to the season. In rainy days, due to the high humidity, there is a certain temperature difference between the inside and outside of the vehicle. In summer, the external circulation can be turned on during defogging to form convection inside and outside, so as to achieve the best use effect of vehicle defogging.image.png

二、When it fogs in winter

1. wind direction adjustment is very important. Front / rear demisting shall be distinguished.

In addition to the A/C button on the air conditioning system panel, there are many choices of air outlet wind direction, such as front air outlet, foot air outlet, front wind outlet, foot plus front wind outlet, etc. when we encounter the front windshield fogging, we first need to adjust the air outlet wind direction to the front windshield air outlet position. Secondly, besides the front windshield, there is also the rear windshield. However, many people confuse the front windshield with the rear windshield heating defogging. Remember that the front windshield is a fan-shaped icon, and the rear windshield heating defogging is a rectangular icon.

2. use cold air in summer and warm air in winter

Choosing the right wind direction is only the first step. Next, we will analyze whether to use air conditioning or heating. In fact, the debate on whether to use air-conditioning or heating for front windshield demisting has never stopped. Before that, we need to understand the basic principle of fogging. Because the compartment is generally a relatively closed space, the internal temperature often differs from the outdoor temperature. Especially in winter, the human body's breathing will make the temperature in the car higher than that outside the car. At this time, when the humid air in the car air contacts the windshield glass with lower temperature, the water vapor in the air in the car will gradually precipitate water due to cold, gradually gather and finally form a water mist attached to the glass.


Therefore, if you want to successfully demist, you must ensure that the temperature difference of the front windshield is reduced, or reduce the air humidity in the vehicle. According to the demisting principle, we can divide the demisting methods into cold air demisting and hot air demisting. In summer, there is no doubt that it is necessary to blow cold air. Its purpose is to reduce the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the front windshield. When the cold air blows on the windshield, a "cold film" will be formed on the surface of the glass, and the fog will soon dissipate and the effect will be very direct.image.png

However, in winter, the cold air in the car is obviously not in line with the actual situation, so we need to use hot air to remove fog. The same is the analysis principle. In addition to reducing the temperature difference, demisting can also reduce the air humidity in the car. The role of warm air is to evaporate the moisture in the air in the car to achieve the drying effect. Without moisture, water vapor cannot be left on the glass, and the fog can be eliminated naturally.

      3.Select internal / external circulation in winter to improve demisting efficiency

        At the same time, in order to improve the demisting efficiency, we can also control the temperature difference in the vehicle through internal / external circulation. Combined with the warm air demisting described above, its main purpose is to improve the temperature in the vehicle and promote the evaporation of water. In this regard, in order to make the temperature in the car rise rapidly, we can first select the internal circulation, so that the temperature in the car will rise faster.image.png

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There are many dangers when driving with foggy windows.  How should we solve them?

There are many dangers when driving with foggy windows.  How should we solve them?

There are many dangers when driving with foggy windows.  How should we solve them?

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