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How to clean the engine surface by yourself?

Jun. 14, 2022

How to clean the engine surface by yourself?

There are many car owners who like clean, in the usual or car wash to see the engine compartment dirty very unhappy! But considering that the engine is full of electrical parts, and dare not easily to clean, sometimes hope that the car wash brother to help clean. But either because of lazy cleaning directly to tell you can not wash, or is the cleaning engine rendered into a very profound process and technology, and then charge a high fee. Today,  I  will answer your questions on this issue!

Before talking about this, I'd like to talk about the disadvantages of the dirty engine compartment to the vehicle besides affecting the appearance.

1. The engine surface is covered with a layer of dirt, which will affect the heat dissipation of the engine and cause the engine compartment temperature to be too high, which will not only affect the service life of the engine, but also accelerate the aging of engine compartment components.

2.Whether due to engine oil leakage or slight oil leakage, oil sludge will appear on the surface of the engine after it is not cleaned for a long time, which will cause  corrosion, rust, aging and cracking to the external components of the engine and increase the probability of engine spontaneous combustion.


After knowing the harm of long-term non cleaning of the engine, how to clean the engine and what should be paid attention to when cleaning the engine?

    First of all, the interfaces of the electrical components in the engine compartment are waterproof, especially for new vehicles without aging and damage of all components, so there is no need to worry too much about burning the electrical components when cleaning the engine compartment.

As for the cleaning method, the engine compartment can not be cleaned only by water. The main thing is to use the Engine Surface Cleaner, spray it on the place where the oil sludge accumulates, and then clean it with water (instead of splashing water, try to use a water gun or kettle with low flow and water pressure), and then wipe it dry with a rag. It should be noted that the cleaner should not be applied to the electronic components and circuit interfaces. These parts can only be wiped with a slightly wet cloth and should be dried immediately. Finally, after wiping with a rag, start the vehicle at idle speed, and use the engine temperature to dry the water in the cabin.

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During cleaning, the following five conditions and components shall be noted and shall not be cleaned.

1.In hot state

When the car is hot or the engine has just been shut down, as the engine is still in a high temperature state, washing the engine will burn people. Secondly, when the engine compartment is flushed with water at high temperature, a large amount of steam will be generated. If these steam penetrate into the circuit and other equipment, it will cause damage to the electrical parts of the vehicle.


2. Modified headlight set

Because the front lamp of the car is connected with the engine compartment, it is easy to involve the headlamp group if you do not pay attention when cleaning the engine. If the original headlamp is OK, the modified headlamp is likely to have poor sealing performance due to poor installation process. If water accidentally splashes on the lamp group, it is likely to turn it into a fish tank!

3. Spark plug

This problem is actually similar to that of the headlamp group. If it is an original spark plug, don't worry, because the original spark plugs are tightly packed and well sealed. Generally, there is no water ingress. However, the replaced spark plugs are not necessarily the same, especially the non original spark plugs. Because of the different sizes, there are likely to be some seams and gaps next to them. It is easy to drill in whether it is water or steam!


4. fuse box

If the fuse touches water, the result will be a short circuit in the car circuit immediately . Therefore, try to avoid the fuse box when cleaning.

5.Electrical interface without waterproof treatment

Although it has been said before that the electrical equipment in the car has been waterproof, it is still necessary to check before cleaning the engine for old models, especially for cars that have experienced engine repair, to see if the connectors of the engine harness have been waterproof, and then be sure to avoid these places when cleaning the engine compartment. If the engine still has exposed battery interfaces and other electrical interfaces, be sure not to wash them with water, because it is easy to cause the interface to oxidize and rust, which will further lead to poor contact and short circuit.


It is true that the engine compartment needs cleaning, but simply taking a water gun to spray indiscriminately is certainly not enough. First, the oil sludge on the engine can not be cleaned by pure water; Second, water may cause accidental injury to some electrical parts (especially old cars). If you think the car beauty shop and 4S store are a little expensive, the owner may as well make time to buy a good engine cleaner online, take a small brush, rag, kettle and plastic bag (to protect electrical equipment) and clean it by himself according to the above methods and precautions, so that you can not only clean the engine, but also learn more about your car in the process.