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Veslee Line Marking Spray Paints

Dec. 13, 2022

Veslee Line Marking Spray Paint


Line marking paint is a common paint paint for traffic routes. Since road traffic markings are mainly drawn on the road surface, they are exposed to the sun, rain, wind, snow and freezing, and are subjected to impact and abrasion of vehicles, so there are strict requirements on its performance. :

 1. The construction is simple and the drying time is short, which can reduce the construction's interference with traffic; 

2. The color is bright, and it has good visibility during the day and night, which is convenient for vehicles to travel;

3. Good skid resistance and wear resistance, which can ensure Its service life and driving safety.


Veslee Line Marking Paint Series is a series of high abrasion resistant products developed for various performance requirements of road marking. It has the characteristics of quick drying at room temperature, high abrasion resistance, compression resistance, weather resistance, etc. It is applicable to asphalt, concrete and other roads, and is widely used for the identification and marking of roads such as factories, institutions, schools, parking lots, sports grounds, mines and mines.

Product advantages:

1. The paint film is clear and does not bleed the asphalt pavement.

2. Uniform film formation, bright color, and UV resistance.

3. This product is characterized by rapid drying, strong adhesion, hardness and abrasion resistance, and convenient construction